What’s Been Going On In Gaming?

I’ve noticed that video games are starting to suck these days. For  example, look at the new trailer for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, currently on YouTube the trailer has 276k likes, but over  million dislikes. This is a horrible ratio between the likes and dislikes. This has been the result due to Infinityward and Activision ignoring the COD community and their needs for the next games. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare currently is on the list of of the most disliked games on YouTube of all time. Against that, Battlefield 1 has the most likes and is one of the most liked video game trailers on YouTube.

Infinite Warfare has been criticized for lack of effort in the graphics. It has been said that the graphics have not changed since 2010. In any case, EA (creator of battlefield) is always dominant when it comes to graphics quality. It sets the standards of how a realistic game should look like. EA is also vey close to their community unlike Activision. The community of Battlefield wanted a game that took place in the past, and EA was able to deliver it to the players. COD gamers are also now switching to Battlefield Which is a big loss for Activision. Activision completely ignored the COD community’s request for a game that is not futuristic and because of that, many gamers of COD are disliking the new COD Infinite Warfare trailer making it the most hated game on YouTube of all time. Battlefield wins over the COD community this year.




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