You want to know why I like being at home more? I’m about to tell you why being home is better than going outside all the time. When I was little, I would spend a lot of my time biking and hanging out with some friends. I believe that I was in middle school or elementary school, I didn’t have much to do at home and often found things to be boring inside, mainly due to the fact that I was never allowed to play video games often and that I had access to only one computer (which was also in limited use). My parents are hard working and they expected, at the time, that I should be focused on school. The problem was that I was, some what, a lazy kid. I wasn’t exactly lazy, but I felt more dumb even though I wasn’t. I used to make mistakes every kid would make time to time and they were not a big deal. Yes there were things that happened to me and things that I did that were a big deal to my parents. Little did I know that the reason why I had been struggling through my childhood was that I was getting bad influences from outside. I knew one group of friends who I used to hang out with who were always getting into trouble at school and outside. I thought I could hang out with them. I made a bad choice of doing so. I ended up realizing how these people were literally dumb. I did things that were dumb, but I didn’t realized it until I was in the 8th grade. That year made me realize how “stupid” the actions of a friend of mine was. I never in my life would find out that my own friend would be a someone who carried drugs with him. I never knew he did drugs in the first place, and that was only in middle school! You want to know how I found this out? He was expelled. I never saw him again and I am very thankful for that. I am thankful because I know that my bad influence was gone for good, away from my community.

Now, to answer my question from the beginning. I like to go outside, but when I’m at home, I make better decisions academically and personally. I like to go to places outside of Southern California, like Union City or Hayward (both are cities in Northern California near San Francisco) where much of my family lives in America. I have family in Canada,
England, Switzerland, and many other beautiful places. But my most favorite place to be outside of my community is where my bloodline dates back, where my entire family is from, and that is Punjab. I call it home because I get better influences with my family there and I connect with them in a positive way. I like being outside of home in a place I can truly call home. That is why I find being home a better place than being outside of home in an unfamiliar place (except if I’m exploring, I love to explore).


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