We all love comedy. It helps us bond with people, perceive things differently, and even bring people closer together. The many genres of comedies that are well known to people are romantic comedy, satiric comedy, comedy of manners, and farce. Although some of you may not know what all of these mean, but you see it in every comedy movie you watch. What makes comedy funny is it’s use of irony, like verbal irony or dramatic irony. Other things that make comedies funny is physical humor, sight gags, recognized embarrassment, and much more.

Let’s face it, sometimes we need to laugh based on how we feel. If you were mad at your younger sibling and he/she says something funny that makes them embarrassed but is funny to you, you would laugh. Even your own work environment can look unusual to you and you would laugh, but what is my point? My point is that we all have our own ways of perceiving comedy in our everyday lives. Let’s say that someone (person ‘A’) slips on a banana peel and a clown throws a pie at him. He would find it rather embarrassing and another person (person ‘B’) will be laughing hysterically. Not all things can seem funny to others, but if person ‘A’ has a good sense of humor, he would say something funny in response like, “Make the pie cherry flavored next time!”

Why do we like comedy? We like comedy because comedy makes light out of anything that seems rather boring or dull, it gives us a good laugh at the things we normally wouldn’t laugh at (like someone losing their pencil and someone else saying it walked onto a bus and left you), and most of all it gives us joy and a life worth living.


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