Modern Slavery

Have you ever wondered if slavery still exists today? The answer is yes, slavery still exists today with massive numbers of slaves (estimated in the millions). Slaves today have been tricked in false promises of finding work with good pay. They end up being traded to factories slave promoting businesses with forced labor. “They are forced to work with physical and mental threats,” explained in the Anti-Slavery article. This is relatively similar to Frederick Douglass’s experience in his book in chapter 1 when he sees his Aunt getting whipped severely by their master, Captain Anthony. This scene was so brutal to him that as his childhood went on, he was fearful of himself receiving the same punishment. This is similar to the things modern slaves face today. modern slaves face cruel and unusual punishments that make us all sick in our stomachs. Every day, slaves are put under harsh treatments facing devastating consequences if they didn’t get one job done. We see slavery in almost every country (including here in the United States as well) whether it is for forced labor or prostitution. Many people today are unaware of slavery still existing.
But  how are slaves ending up at where they are? As stated previously, they are sent either under false promises or they are captured by slave sellers or slaveholders. Many were deceived, but many were also born into slavery. In another article by Anti-Slavery, HADIJATOU’S STORY, it talks about an enslaved woman in Niger who was born into slavery like her mother. She was in forced labor and was also used as a sexual slave. Her case was brought to the court of Africa and was eventually freed from slavery. In Frederick Douglass’s book in chapter 1, he explained that he was born into slavery and was never told anything about when he was born or who his father was. The similarities with Frederick Douglass and Hadijatou’s story is that they were born into slavery and faced hard labor along with traumatizing experiences. Both people also received their freedom. Many countries still have this slave problem without them knowing where it is occurring. Currently, the estimated value of the slave running business is in the multi-billion dollar range as of right now. To help end slavery, you can visit a program that deals with ending slavery. Be the one that can make a major difference in someone’s life. Give the oppressed people hope in finding happiness instead of solitude.



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