I’ve been keeping track with things I’ve been noticing in Punjab. As you may know, I went to Punjab, India for vacation the last couple of weeks to visit family. I began to keep track of what I did every day and I noticed something different. We have a personal driver (whose name I do not know of) who was taking us to the shops we wanted to go to. He was driving us around to places for the first couple of days, until the next day someone else was there. Turns out that he had to drive someone else around but I didn’t mind, anyway he was like family to us. I also started to notice a bunch of random people looking at us when we were in the car everywhere we went. No one looked at us when  we went in other cars. Turns out the reason why we were stared at was because our car had a sticker with the word, “Tourists,” on the window (we aren’t technically tourists).

Any way my trip there was an amazing experience, like always. Always going there makes me appreciate what I have here in the US. US is the country where I have many things I want and high chances of becoming successful. I saw children there who were going to cars and people begging for money. these poor children aged from seemingly 5 to 10 years of age. This is a sad thing to even witness. most of these children were either orphans or had parents who needed support. This mainly occurred in cities mainly due to a large population of people who have a lot money. I think if anyone were to go to any part of India, they will notice many different things that occur there which rarely or never occurs here.




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