How Video Games Improve Reflexes, Career, and Health

Have you ever heard someone say something about video games like, “they corrupt and ruin your mind,” or “they destroy your senses?” These are typical words coming from a parent or another relative to persuade their child to end their gaming addiction and focus on other aspects of life. Although gaming for too long (such as 10 hours straight with no breaks) can be damaging, video games do not destroy your senses, it improves upon them. A study shows that gaming can help you make faster decisions and improve your reflexes. Fast-paced gaming, like Call of Duty, help make decisions quicker due to decisions being made quick in the game. Everything in the game is very fast-paced which means if the gamer is too slow, it’ll be harder for them to succeed in their current session.

Video games also increase cognitive skills. Video games usually have puzzles for the gamer to solve there for giving the gamer something to solve. This improves the player’s knowledge and memory and can be positive for health. Gaming also reduces stress from other activities and can most likely prevent thoughts of suicide if used correctly. It also expands upon the imagination of artists, builders, and dreamers who want to be successful in their lives. Games provide genres, like strategy games, building games, etc., to find their interests in certain subjects.

As you can see, video games can help improve your reflexes, video games can have a positive effect on your career, and video games can help you improve your health (like simulations).

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