Quantum Computing

We, today, have computers that are becoming increasingly fast. In the past, computers ran on system memories that barely reached 8mb. Now we have computers running with memories exceeding terabytes in system memory storage. This advancement took at most 30 years. Our phones today have more processing power than did the computers that helped the manned Apollo missions back in the late 1960’s. But don’t be blinded on how advanced this can be. Computers of the future will be solving complex problems that will further progress the current stage of computing.

Now what is a quantum computer? A quantum computer is a computer that will function at or around absolute zero using the binary coding language with 0’s and 1’s at the same time, unlike regular consumer grade computers.

How can these quantum computers benefit society? Quantum computers can actually solve many hard questions humanity struggles to answer like what is the meaning of life (most likely it will not answer this question). This technology can also revolutionize artificial intelligence. We may also be able to upload our own minds into quantum computers and literally live in an alternate reality. Uploading your mind into computers are beneficial. Why? Because imagine military simulation training done in a computer where weapons and ammo can be regenerated with no real tax money spent in this simulation. This can save American tax dollars and resources. These are what we call Simulations. This can also benefit disabled people. If there is a person who has lost his/her’s legs, in the simulation, they can walk once again and feel the thrill of running.

This technology can further revolutionize the way we live, think, and understand our environment or potentially the universe. Our understanding of artificial intelligence will dramatically benefit from quantum computing.


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