Our Thought Process

This blog is going to be discussing views of other people’s perspectives related to anything like life, science, or politics and compare it to my perspective. You can compare your ideas with mine or others ideas/thoughts in the comments. You must remember that my thoughts are just opinions and what I believe. I will respect the views of other’s in the comments and I will personally use them for this blog. 

A child always thinks that the world we live in is controlled by very smart and powerful people and that everything is fair throughout every place on earth. As the child starts maturing, they begin to understand many things in the world has a weakness and that not everything is truly fair. As the child matures and enters school, they begin to learn about everyday problems and how to solve the problems through the process of critical thinking, where they use what they’ve learned in school and relate it to their lives solving their own problems (otherwise known as problem solving). This is my explanation of how a human being begins his/her’s life with what they believe and grows up to realize that the world is different from what they’ve first thought. I am discussing this because I want to give people a brief idea on how we all have the same thoughts as infants and how even today your thoughts can differ from others.

As humans, it’s normal not to think like others and solve problems the same way, but when working in groups, it can make it difficult for everyone to solve one problem.

For an example, let’s say there is a group of three people trying to solve the problem of why there is a water shortage. They all know their ideas are going to be different. This is now their second problem, how to give their ideas to the rest of the group. This is when they discuss their ideas and come up with one final conclusion to their first problem. This is what we all know as teamwork.


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