What’s Been Going On In Gaming?

I’ve noticed that video games are starting to suck these days. For  example, look at the new trailer for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, currently on YouTube the trailer has 276k likes, but over  million dislikes. This is a horrible ratio between the likes and dislikes. This has been the result due to Infinityward and Activision ignoring the COD community and their needs for the next games. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare currently is on the list of of the most disliked games on YouTube of all time. Against that, Battlefield 1 has the most likes and is one of the most liked video game trailers on YouTube.

Infinite Warfare has been criticized for lack of effort in the graphics. It has been said that the graphics have not changed since 2010. In any case, EA (creator of battlefield) is always dominant when it comes to graphics quality. It sets the standards of how a realistic game should look like. EA is also vey close to their community unlike Activision. The community of Battlefield wanted a game that took place in the past, and EA was able to deliver it to the players. COD gamers are also now switching to Battlefield Which is a big loss for Activision. Activision completely ignored the COD community’s request for a game that is not futuristic and because of that, many gamers of COD are disliking the new COD Infinite Warfare trailer making it the most hated game on YouTube of all time. Battlefield wins over the COD community this year.




The Vanishing: What Happened to the Thousands Still Missing in Mexico?

I was reading this article and the first story that got me thinking was the one about Araceli’s son who is an officer named Juan Lagunilla García. Juan is 24 years old when he disappeared. His last traces before disappearing was when he was checking out of a hotel. Many texts were sent to him, but he never replied. His mother works at a middle school and has been anxious to hear about any leads to her son. She is described in this blog as skinny and is the a result of her waiting anxiously and worried about her son. I found this to be a strong reminder that anyone can be harmed and can dramatically effect the lives of their loved ones. The world we live in today is dangerous, yet it’s very beautiful. But where there’s beauty, there can be anything and we must be prepared for it. People must take extra caution when living or going to different places. Remember that every minute you spend with your loved ones is precious.


Grace Rubenstein | Longreads | April 2016 | 19 minutes (4,634 words)

Somewhere in Mexico, someone knows the answer to the question that drives Araceli García Luna day and night. The person or persons who know might be criminals or government officials—or both. The jagged beige mountains around the northern city of Monterrey, which hold so many horrible secrets, surely know. You would think, given the circumstances, that someone would help her find out.

Araceli lives in a small apartment on the outskirts of Mexico City. She gets up in the morning and goes to work in maintenance at a local middle school, the same job she’s had for 24 years. She comes home by 5 p.m. and stays there, with two of her grown children, her grandson, and a little frizzy-haired dog named Chiquitín. Araceli doesn’t go out anymore—not for events or unnecessary errands. Except that, once every…

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You want to know why I like being at home more? I’m about to tell you why being home is better than going outside all the time. When I was little, I would spend a lot of my time biking and hanging out with some friends. I believe that I was in middle school or elementary school, I didn’t have much to do at home and often found things to be boring inside, mainly due to the fact that I was never allowed to play video games often and that I had access to only one computer (which was also in limited use). My parents are hard working and they expected, at the time, that I should be focused on school. The problem was that I was, some what, a lazy kid. I wasn’t exactly lazy, but I felt more dumb even though I wasn’t. I used to make mistakes every kid would make time to time and they were not a big deal. Yes there were things that happened to me and things that I did that were a big deal to my parents. Little did I know that the reason why I had been struggling through my childhood was that I was getting bad influences from outside. I knew one group of friends who I used to hang out with who were always getting into trouble at school and outside. I thought I could hang out with them. I made a bad choice of doing so. I ended up realizing how these people were literally dumb. I did things that were dumb, but I didn’t realized it until I was in the 8th grade. That year made me realize how “stupid” the actions of a friend of mine was. I never in my life would find out that my own friend would be a someone who carried drugs with him. I never knew he did drugs in the first place, and that was only in middle school! You want to know how I found this out? He was expelled. I never saw him again and I am very thankful for that. I am thankful because I know that my bad influence was gone for good, away from my community.

Now, to answer my question from the beginning. I like to go outside, but when I’m at home, I make better decisions academically and personally. I like to go to places outside of Southern California, like Union City or Hayward (both are cities in Northern California near San Francisco) where much of my family lives in America. I have family in Canada,
England, Switzerland, and many other beautiful places. But my most favorite place to be outside of my community is where my bloodline dates back, where my entire family is from, and that is Punjab. I call it home because I get better influences with my family there and I connect with them in a positive way. I like being outside of home in a place I can truly call home. That is why I find being home a better place than being outside of home in an unfamiliar place (except if I’m exploring, I love to explore).



We all love comedy. It helps us bond with people, perceive things differently, and even bring people closer together. The many genres of comedies that are well known to people are romantic comedy, satiric comedy, comedy of manners, and farce. Although some of you may not know what all of these mean, but you see it in every comedy movie you watch. What makes comedy funny is it’s use of irony, like verbal irony or dramatic irony. Other things that make comedies funny is physical humor, sight gags, recognized embarrassment, and much more.

Let’s face it, sometimes we need to laugh based on how we feel. If you were mad at your younger sibling and he/she says something funny that makes them embarrassed but is funny to you, you would laugh. Even your own work environment can look unusual to you and you would laugh, but what is my point? My point is that we all have our own ways of perceiving comedy in our everyday lives. Let’s say that someone (person ‘A’) slips on a banana peel and a clown throws a pie at him. He would find it rather embarrassing and another person (person ‘B’) will be laughing hysterically. Not all things can seem funny to others, but if person ‘A’ has a good sense of humor, he would say something funny in response like, “Make the pie cherry flavored next time!”

Why do we like comedy? We like comedy because comedy makes light out of anything that seems rather boring or dull, it gives us a good laugh at the things we normally wouldn’t laugh at (like someone losing their pencil and someone else saying it walked onto a bus and left you), and most of all it gives us joy and a life worth living.


Modern Slavery

Have you ever wondered if slavery still exists today? The answer is yes, slavery still exists today with massive numbers of slaves (estimated in the millions). Slaves today have been tricked in false promises of finding work with good pay. They end up being traded to factories slave promoting businesses with forced labor. “They are forced to work with physical and mental threats,” explained in the Anti-Slavery article. This is relatively similar to Frederick Douglass’s experience in his book in chapter 1 when he sees his Aunt getting whipped severely by their master, Captain Anthony. This scene was so brutal to him that as his childhood went on, he was fearful of himself receiving the same punishment. This is similar to the things modern slaves face today. modern slaves face cruel and unusual punishments that make us all sick in our stomachs. Every day, slaves are put under harsh treatments facing devastating consequences if they didn’t get one job done. We see slavery in almost every country (including here in the United States as well) whether it is for forced labor or prostitution. Many people today are unaware of slavery still existing.
But  how are slaves ending up at where they are? As stated previously, they are sent either under false promises or they are captured by slave sellers or slaveholders. Many were deceived, but many were also born into slavery. In another article by Anti-Slavery, HADIJATOU’S STORY, it talks about an enslaved woman in Niger who was born into slavery like her mother. She was in forced labor and was also used as a sexual slave. Her case was brought to the court of Africa and was eventually freed from slavery. In Frederick Douglass’s book in chapter 1, he explained that he was born into slavery and was never told anything about when he was born or who his father was. The similarities with Frederick Douglass and Hadijatou’s story is that they were born into slavery and faced hard labor along with traumatizing experiences. Both people also received their freedom. Many countries still have this slave problem without them knowing where it is occurring. Currently, the estimated value of the slave running business is in the multi-billion dollar range as of right now. To help end slavery, you can visit a program that deals with ending slavery. Be the one that can make a major difference in someone’s life. Give the oppressed people hope in finding happiness instead of solitude.




I’ve been keeping track with things I’ve been noticing in Punjab. As you may know, I went to Punjab, India for vacation the last couple of weeks to visit family. I began to keep track of what I did every day and I noticed something different. We have a personal driver (whose name I do not know of) who was taking us to the shops we wanted to go to. He was driving us around to places for the first couple of days, until the next day someone else was there. Turns out that he had to drive someone else around but I didn’t mind, anyway he was like family to us. I also started to notice a bunch of random people looking at us when we were in the car everywhere we went. No one looked at us when  we went in other cars. Turns out the reason why we were stared at was because our car had a sticker with the word, “Tourists,” on the window (we aren’t technically tourists).

Any way my trip there was an amazing experience, like always. Always going there makes me appreciate what I have here in the US. US is the country where I have many things I want and high chances of becoming successful. I saw children there who were going to cars and people begging for money. these poor children aged from seemingly 5 to 10 years of age. This is a sad thing to even witness. most of these children were either orphans or had parents who needed support. This mainly occurred in cities mainly due to a large population of people who have a lot money. I think if anyone were to go to any part of India, they will notice many different things that occur there which rarely or never occurs here.




How Video Games Improve Reflexes, Career, and Health

Have you ever heard someone say something about video games like, “they corrupt and ruin your mind,” or “they destroy your senses?” These are typical words coming from a parent or another relative to persuade their child to end their gaming addiction and focus on other aspects of life. Although gaming for too long (such as 10 hours straight with no breaks) can be damaging, video games do not destroy your senses, it improves upon them. A study shows that gaming can help you make faster decisions and improve your reflexes. Fast-paced gaming, like Call of Duty, help make decisions quicker due to decisions being made quick in the game. Everything in the game is very fast-paced which means if the gamer is too slow, it’ll be harder for them to succeed in their current session.

Video games also increase cognitive skills. Video games usually have puzzles for the gamer to solve there for giving the gamer something to solve. This improves the player’s knowledge and memory and can be positive for health. Gaming also reduces stress from other activities and can most likely prevent thoughts of suicide if used correctly. It also expands upon the imagination of artists, builders, and dreamers who want to be successful in their lives. Games provide genres, like strategy games, building games, etc., to find their interests in certain subjects.

As you can see, video games can help improve your reflexes, video games can have a positive effect on your career, and video games can help you improve your health (like simulations).

Punjab: My Visit and A Little History

My entire family history began in the state of Punjab, India. I always love to go to Punjab to see my home and family. I’d rather say Punjab instead of saying India because as of this month of October, the corrupted government of India had police fire at a peaceful protest. The reason for this protest was because someone most likely hired by the Indian Government had broken into our Sikh temple, stole our holy book “Guru Granth Sahib,” ripped out the pages and threw it out on the street. We Sikhs have not done nothing wrong to the government. This only sparked a peaceful protest. Everything went wrong after the Corrupted Government ordered the Punjab Police (also corrupted) to fire at people who were just praying. Only two people were killed and hundreds of others were injured. The government also issued a statewide television media blackout which meant no news of this event will be shown on television (this sneaky tactic failed). They’ve bribed news reporters and news stations to keep them from spreading the story of this horrific event. But news was able to get out into social media and eventually ended up on news channels. It is utterly frustrating to know that western governments are completely unaware of this horrific incident. Sikhs from around the world and I are wanting justice for what happened to the innocent victims.

Before all of this had happened, I always loved to visit Punjab for its agricultural beauty, my family, my village (villages are much more cleaner, safer, peaceful, and beautiful then the cities), and most of, the holiest place for us Sikhs, the Golden Temple (also known as Harmandir Sahib). It is a great experience in my opinion and I enjoy it more than just sitting at home. I am going to visit Punjab again in November for 2 weeks. This time I am going to be more at home than going outside because of all of the things that are happening.
Don’t get me wrong, India is a beautiful country, it’s just that the government and police are very corrupted. I suggest a visit to India to anyone, but be sure about where you want to go in advance.

Now why am I discussing my trip to Punjab? Isn’t that Cliché? Well this time, it is going to be a whole different experience unlike other trips I have been on. This isn’t really a matter of enjoying and sightseeing trip, but a chance to see how being in Punjab under pressure is like. The last time this similar event in India took place was back in 1984. 1984 was a very dark year in Punjab in recent times because there was something sort of like a genocide against Sikhs. The government had issued an operation attack on our Golden Temple for suspected, “Terrorists,” (there were no actual terrorists at all). This operation was called, “Operation Blue Star.” This operation cost the lives of hundreds of innocent people. But this time I get to see and experience the pressure of what my parents had went through (although there is no “real tension” currently taking place) and yes, right now it is perfectly safe to go, but I will not be going into cities mainly because of what is going on there.

I had enjoyed my trips to Punjab before and I know I will enjoy the upcoming trip. I am going to be seeing family there and learning how life there agriculturally and religiously is like. I also want to explore the backgrounds of my dad’s side of the family there and know a lot more about who my Great Grandfather was. I will also be taking pictures of my house and village there too and how we cook. I will also have things to do there that I must get done like giving people I know there things we have in America (kids will be getting stuff like RC cars and adults are getting home beneficial items like pans, decorative utensils, etc.).Golden-634941399240744268_Harmandir-Sahib-Golden-Temple-Amritsar-Punjab-INDIA.jpg (1598×1200)

Quantum Computing

We, today, have computers that are becoming increasingly fast. In the past, computers ran on system memories that barely reached 8mb. Now we have computers running with memories exceeding terabytes in system memory storage. This advancement took at most 30 years. Our phones today have more processing power than did the computers that helped the manned Apollo missions back in the late 1960’s. But don’t be blinded on how advanced this can be. Computers of the future will be solving complex problems that will further progress the current stage of computing.

Now what is a quantum computer? A quantum computer is a computer that will function at or around absolute zero using the binary coding language with 0’s and 1’s at the same time, unlike regular consumer grade computers.

How can these quantum computers benefit society? Quantum computers can actually solve many hard questions humanity struggles to answer like what is the meaning of life (most likely it will not answer this question). This technology can also revolutionize artificial intelligence. We may also be able to upload our own minds into quantum computers and literally live in an alternate reality. Uploading your mind into computers are beneficial. Why? Because imagine military simulation training done in a computer where weapons and ammo can be regenerated with no real tax money spent in this simulation. This can save American tax dollars and resources. These are what we call Simulations. This can also benefit disabled people. If there is a person who has lost his/her’s legs, in the simulation, they can walk once again and feel the thrill of running.

This technology can further revolutionize the way we live, think, and understand our environment or potentially the universe. Our understanding of artificial intelligence will dramatically benefit from quantum computing.


Our Thought Process

This blog is going to be discussing views of other people’s perspectives related to anything like life, science, or politics and compare it to my perspective. You can compare your ideas with mine or others ideas/thoughts in the comments. You must remember that my thoughts are just opinions and what I believe. I will respect the views of other’s in the comments and I will personally use them for this blog. 

A child always thinks that the world we live in is controlled by very smart and powerful people and that everything is fair throughout every place on earth. As the child starts maturing, they begin to understand many things in the world has a weakness and that not everything is truly fair. As the child matures and enters school, they begin to learn about everyday problems and how to solve the problems through the process of critical thinking, where they use what they’ve learned in school and relate it to their lives solving their own problems (otherwise known as problem solving). This is my explanation of how a human being begins his/her’s life with what they believe and grows up to realize that the world is different from what they’ve first thought. I am discussing this because I want to give people a brief idea on how we all have the same thoughts as infants and how even today your thoughts can differ from others.

As humans, it’s normal not to think like others and solve problems the same way, but when working in groups, it can make it difficult for everyone to solve one problem.

For an example, let’s say there is a group of three people trying to solve the problem of why there is a water shortage. They all know their ideas are going to be different. This is now their second problem, how to give their ideas to the rest of the group. This is when they discuss their ideas and come up with one final conclusion to their first problem. This is what we all know as teamwork.